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Van Gogh's BedroomBy Me!

Van Gogh’s Bedroom
By Me!

For those of you who have ventured around my site, you will know and see, I do primarily my own thing! Original and of my own imagination. However, every once in a while, like many others before and after me, sometimes you want to see if you can reproduce an old Masterpiece. Above is the classic ‘Bedroom’ of Van Gogh. I did it in pastel and tried to under work and simplify my drawing of the scene as much as possible. It is amazing just how many people have done this very same drawing. I think Vincent would have been overwhelmed that so many people wanted to share in the knowledge of his bedroom contents!! Other Old Masters’ works I have played around with in moments of being uninspired are;

Still Life (Master Compilation Series) -” ‘EAR’, Where’s He Gone?” – Oil Still Life

Master Compilation Series – ‘Cezanne’s “Mount Saint Victoire” overlooks, Renoir “Boating on the Seine” !’ – Oil painting

They were done to add a little twist to recreating others artwork and yet still making them original too!!!