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'Its Peppy - Again!'(In Sepia this time!!)

‘Its Peppy – Again!’
(In Sepia this time!!)

In this pose he really does look as if he’s thinking ” She’s got that camera thing – again!”  Obviously, I did this pastel drawing from a photograph I took of Peppy, and the real reason he looks like he’s concentrating – is because – I had a dog sausage treat on my head,  to keep his attention. (Naturally I omitted the drool from the finished portrait!) This is the second pastel picture of this same pose, below I will show you the first. The reason for this, is my Daughter stopped me in my tracks, whilst drawing the first. She came in and saw the preliminary stage of how I do my pastel portraits and pleaded with me to leave it as an abstract version. I was not wholly convinced and assured her that all my portraits look like the one below before I blend them to how I prefer them, (See Other examples of my Animal portraits in this section) as above.  Anyway, for the sake of comparison, its like before(BELOW) and after(ABOVE), really. Though she still maintains some people like abstract portraits of their pets too!!! Who knows – She may be right…..But then, She thinks She’s never wrong anyway! 🙂

'Its Peppy - Again!'Abstract Version

‘Its Peppy – Again!’
Abstract Version