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'Old Calico Works Chimney in Edgworth'

‘Old Calico Works Chimney in Edgworth’

This is another of my coloured pen and ink sketches done from a photograph I took. It was a beautiful autumn day and because of this, I wanted to inject a feeling of that by using warm ink tones in the painting. Though if you compare others in this section, you will see this one is quite ‘toned down‘ to the vivid and vibrant nature of the others. As you can see I took the photograph from a high vantage point looking down and across the valley. The old, now disused chimney, formerly connected to Quarlton Vale Print and Bleachworks, has always looked somewhat out of place, as it just looms up in the middle of a field. Apparently when it was a working mill, further down in the valley, the chimney was connected via a flue for the best air flow to carry emissions away high above the hills. The scenery around Edgworth is very pretty with rolling hills and little stone cottages dotted here and there on the outskirts of the main village.