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'Black and White Confusion'

Black and White Confusion?? ”Forgotten Dreams”

Yesterday I posted Abstract – ‘Abstractly Blue’ – Pencil Crayon Abstract which The Rag Tree/Music&Meaning reposted, much to my delight. It did seem to appeal to quite a few people so, in the interest of keeping my friends happy, I decided to post another example of my bizarre works! They are usually done in a bored moment as a form of doodling, though I never consider where it is going or plan it out, I just let my mind fill the page as it goes. That way I get a surprise at the end too! Other examples I have already posted in this style of Abstract  are;

Abstract – ‘Shifting Scenes’ – Pencil Crayon Abstract

Abstract – Pencil Crayon – Black and White Chaos

Abstract on canvas panel – Oil painting