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'Snowshill - Cotswold Village'

‘Snowshill – Cotswold Village’

Here is another Ink sketch of the beautiful little Cotswold Village of Snowshill.  I have previously shown this scene as a pencil drawing to be found at  Pencil Drawing – Snowshill, Cotswolds – Pencil sketch. Some scenes I really do enjoy drawing over and over in different mediums. On a previous trip to the Cotswolds, we got talking to some local people and asked,  “why you never saw anybody in the village?” Their reply was that, most cottages were now second homes to the ‘Rich City Folk’, who only visited sporadically. They explained this was such a shame because Locals, born and bred, were unable to afford the houses in the village any more, there were no local amenities either because there was no constant demand to support little shops. It was actually quite sad to hear, and witness the almost ghostlike village, which sits around the quaint little church and graveyard. I can see why, if you can afford it, you would want a piece of this lovely village, but it would be even nicer if people lived there full time and enjoyed it properly too!