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'From Affetside to Winterhill' - Pastel Version 200th post on my blog since 2nd Jan 2013!!!

‘From Affetside to Winterhill’ – Pastel Version
200th post on my blog since 2nd Jan 2013!!!

THANK YOU firstly,  ALL my Viewers, Followers and Commenters. It has been a hectic couple of months to get my site this far, and I really appreciate your support 🙂 . I wanted this post to be one of my favourite pieces of art, to mark my 200th post since I started on this site in January. This local scene is from the little village at the top of the hill, Affetside, overlooking the highest, I believe, hill in Bolton, Where the television and other transmitting masts are located. Affetside, in Bolton, is the only place in the UK with this name, it literally translates as ‘boundary on the hill’ – in other words, half on this side and half the other side. The main road running through Affetside is part of the Roman Road, ‘Watling Street’. For more info on Affetside’s history;  History Affetside . Back to the art! This Pastel drawing was done after taking some photographs on a beautiful crisp clear autumn day. The colours on the land were amazing, everything seemed so much clearer and nearer than it actually is. I really wanted to capture the hues of the grasses, as they had turned with the long dry spell. Pastels seemed the perfect medium! To make this post even more special, I have also included my Pen and Ink ‘From Affetside to Winterhill’  below, which at present, has pride of place in my front living room. (Another post after this, I will be placing the Pen and ink in its own section of my headings linking back to this one.) Hope you enjoy them.


'From Affetside to Winterhill'  - Pen and Ink version

‘From Affetside to Winterhill’ – Pen and Ink version