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"On a Ledge Series" - Geranium and Harvey!

“On a Ledge Series” – Geranium and Harvey!

Today seems to be a day of showing you my art in different mediums. This oil painting was a rerun of the pastel version (compare) Still Life Pastel “On a Ledge Series” – Geranium and Friend Harvey. I can never decide if I like this one or the pastel version more, I think they both have their own appeal for different reasons.

The reasoning and inspiration for this series; Bored and uninspired one day, I stood in my kitchen wondering what I could draw? Whilst wondering I absent mindedly started tidying and rearranging things on the ledge. I’m not one for nice pot ornaments, rather have slightly wacky or weird decorative things around! So, as I now had a disarrayed pile of things I had moved and a clean window ledge – The idea struck me. I could use it as a little staging area for a series of still life pictures!!!