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'Dewdrop on the Anemone'

‘Dewdrop on the Anemone’

In the corner of my gravelled garden, I had a little patch of anemone flowers nestling in with a bunch of stray Candy tuft, which I think I can thank the blackbirds for! The birds see no problem in rearranging my garden plant theme in the search for worms and the like.  Anyway, the whole reason for this pastel drawing was the tiny dew drops which seemed to be floating on the budding flower. They seemed to be defying gravity on the curved petal. After observing them I quickly went for my camera, thinking all the time “I bet they have rolled off. when I get Back!” But no, They were still there!! I took the shot, checked the image on my camera, looked back at the flower… and they were gone. They had waited just long enough to be captured for eternity!!!