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'Handmade patchwork shopping bag'

‘Handmade patchwork shopping bag’

Setting myself a challenge, I went shopping for fabric, on a cheer myself up day.  Above are the seven cotton decisions I made (NOT counting the plain cream, which I already had) Careful consideration was put into them all being compatible, but also contrasting. Choosing the colours was only part of the challenge to myself. I wanted to see just how far, and how many functional/decorative items I could make with just half a metre of each fabric. (So far I have made two shopping bags, both different in size and design and two cushion covers both different again of course! But carrying on the button flower theme with them all.) They will be posted another time. There are still some fabric scraps left  which I am sure will reappear again, to be used in future projects!!

The flower button, patchwork and quilted shopping bag above was the first I completed from my set of seven fabrics challenge. After piecing it all together, I embroidered a border in stem stitch all across the centre panel and then hand sewed old buttons to make it look like a colourful flower border. As I had made the bag in one continuous width, there is only one side seam. Inside I gave the bag a multi pocket, including one with zip and added a magnetic clasp to a small over flap to secure, and finally long straps, either to wear diagonally or on the shoulder. Patchwork made stylish, colourful, fun, functional and unique.