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 Peppy - 'Who woke me up?'

Peppy – ‘You woke me up?’Origina

This is another portrait of my Weimarnaner, ‘Peppy’ (See others of him in Animal Portraits;   Weimaraner Pastel Pet Portrait – My dog Peppy as a pupWeimaraner and his toy – Pastel portrait of Peppy  ). At the time I went to take the photograph he was fast asleep and looked really cute, snuggled up into a little (rather large actually) ball! As I knelt down and turned the camera on he lifted his head very sleepily as if to say, ‘You woke me up!’, ‘What now?’ But even though he looked like a grumpy old man I still decided to draw the pastel portrait to show another side of a Dog’s Life!!!