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"On a Ledge Series" - 'Sleepy Monkey and Wooden Ducks'

“On a Ledge Series” – ‘Sleepy Monkey and Wooden Ducks’

Here we are again at that tidy window ledge, with more still life exhibits! The two ducks I pinched (Borrowed) out of my Daughter’s bedroom where their normal duty is to act as bookends and the monkey was from my Son’s room.  He had a jungle theme many years ago.  This particular still life was done in oil paint, though in the future I will post another of Sleepy Monkey and Wooden Duck (Only one duck next time!) painted in watercolour.

Looking again at this picture, I love how tidy my kitchen worktop is!! Maybe I should do more in this series!!! Below is an explanation of how this set of paintings was born for anyone who hasn’t seen others in the series.

Bored and uninspired one day, I stood in my kitchen wondering what I could draw? Whilst wondering I absent mindedly started tidying and rearranging things on the ledge. I’m not one for nice pot ornaments, rather have slightly wacky or weird decorative things around! So, as I now had a disarrayed pile of things I had moved and a clean window ledge – The idea struck me. I could use it as a little staging area for a series of still life pictures!!!