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' "On a Ledge Series" - Jack and Jill'

‘ “On a Ledge Series” – Jack and Jill’

For those who have been keeping up with the rag dolls, ‘Jack and Jill’ – from my  “On a Ledge Series”, here as promised is the Oil Painted version. With the oil painting I feel there is somewhat more depth to the work top using the light and shade reflectively as shadows.  All the same subject but done in different media, each having a different feel to them. If you’ve not already, go check out The watercolour version and the pastel version which can also be found in Still Life. There are several more different studies to come in the future of different subjects on the ledge

Below is how I came up with the idea of ‘On a Ledge Series’ for those who have not already seen them;

Bored and uninspired one day, I stood in my kitchen wondering what I could draw? Whilst wondering I absent mindedly started tidying and rearranging things on the ledge. I’m not one for nice pot ornaments, rather have slightly wacky or weird decorative things around! So, as I now had a disarrayed pile of things I had moved and a clean window ledge – The idea struck me. I could use it as a little staging area for a series of still life pictures!!!