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'Shifting Scenes'

Shifting Scenes in My ”Forgotten Dreams of Crimson”

This play around doodle was done whilst scribbling in another of those ‘bored moments’ of “I don’t know what I want to do today?!” Rather than use black and white, as I have done in some of my other abstracts in this section. I wanted to see how I would feel about one in colour? To be honest, I still don’t know, I think I prefer the black and whites. Though I do like looking around the whole image and still finding things I don’t remember drawing. When I do one of these abstracts it is never planned and I restrict myself from holding the picture at arms length until I’ve finished. That way I think I get to explore it as much as others would on first seeing it. Whilst the picture is just made up of random shapes shaded, it is a voyage of discovery in finding little figure type people within the shapes. Simply, by the right hand bottom corner, having a little perspective, it made me think about the theatre and moving background scenes. Hence, the thoughts before the title!