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'Unwanted Items to be left on step!'

‘Unwanted Items to be left on step!’

Whilst practising with my pen and inks a few years ago, I sketched this little imaginary scene. Initially is was meant to be nothing more than that. Though as I drew little bits here and there and then added the little girl,  the scene became more thought provoking to me. I had already put the notice on the door and the sad little teddy, parcel and shoe on the step but thought it should have something more – That is when I loosely sketched the small figure.  The slight tilt on her head made me wonder; Is she sad to leave her Teddy? Has she not read the sign on the door? Is she just sitting there by accident? Or indeed, does She feel unwanted? After I added coloured ink, I showed the sketch to my children for their opinions, not so much for the subject but the practice with the inks. They were both deeply touched with the little sad scene and they had their thoughts on it too. In the end this little picture drew so much emotional thought and discussion that I decided to frame it – Surely, whether good or bad,  that is what art is all about!?!