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Splashes of Red in a Sepia Street

Splashes of Red in a Sepia Street

This is a little village Scene of Chapeltown main street. It is very quaint and every Summer the whole village have flower boxes and planters outside their houses. Many locals drive through just to see the beautiful display – “Chapeltown in Bloom!”

I wanted this little street picture to have a timeless feel and so painted in oil sepia tones. To achieve this I had to visit the village over twenty times to sketch it, as nowadays everyone has a car and the village only seems to exist from the middle of the bottom windows upward. After many, many sketches (Whilst cars were in different places along the road) I managed to get enough of the pavement line to construct the contours of the Village.

As a finishing touch I added some warmth back into the scene with the red flowers. This has been one of the most talked about paintings in local exhibitions – Especially as people can see the street now, as it used to be – Without Cars!