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Sax -  All the way to the top too!

That’s My Boy!

Around the age of 13 Years, My Son decided to learn another instrument. Whilst deciding which one to choose, one of my Daughter’s friends offered to teach him to play the Saxophone. After considering, that would be okay, maybe?! He had about six lessons with my Daughter’s friend, decided he liked it – And there was no looking back. Within five years he had risen through the ranks of different bands to become the Lead Sax player in Our Home Town’s Youth Concert Band and Youth Jazz orchestra.  Within four and a half years from start he had reached, With Merit, Grade 8 Jazz on his Saxophone. (He was also Lead Violinist in our Town’s Youth Orchestra, a Member of The Halle Youth Orchestra for four years and attained Grade 8 Distinction on his Violin. See another Watercolour portrait of ‘My Little Boy‘)