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Matilda Flop the Doorstop!

Matilda Flop the Doorstop! (Not quite so ‘Dumpy’- more slender and streamlined!)

I decided to create more doorstop patterns, and with the idea of moving away from just animals to hold back the doors in my range of ‘Doorstop Dumpies’, I firstly created Lenny the Leprechaun (See other page in ‘Doorstop Dumpies’) and then my second was Matilda Flop as above. still using the principles of basic patchwork and weighting with an internal sealed fabric bag of cat litter. I absolutely love the noses on these two characters, which are stuffed so solid with synthetic wadding and then hand sewn to their face. A finishing touch of a few old buttons, scrap pieces of lace and wool for the hair and she was complete!