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A selection of My 'Button Buddies'

A selection of My ‘Button Buddies’

Breathing new life into old buttons! Required; Lots of imagination, some ‘bits and bobs’ a glue gun and off I went – like a mad woman creating little ‘Button Buddy’ Characters. Without realising how many I had made I decided to name them all with a name beginning with ‘B’. eg, Barney, Boris, Bertha etc, etc. I very soon ran out of names beginning with ‘B’ so had to reuse names. HOWEVER no two ‘Button Buddies’ were ever made the same, ALL totally unique!!! To illiterate even further, i put brooch pins on them and made them into ‘Button Buddy Brooches’. To this day I have never seen anything similar when looking at button craft pages! I was really pleased with my new creation!